Shackle is Anne La Berge on flute and electronics and Robert van Heumen on laptop-instrument. Their aim is to explicitly and subtly exploit shackling in both concept and material.

Shackle Bits

With their project Shackle Bits, Shackle is including silent film excerpts in their performances as yet another ingredient for improvisation. The excerpts are controlled from the Shackle System and switch most of the time in sync with the musical sections but every now and then have a life of their own. As improvisors we are then faced with the question what will take precedence: sound or image.

Below are some examples of live situations.

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Shackle in Huddersfield UK May 10, 2014 (excerpt 2)
Shackle in Huddersfield UK May 10, 2014 (excerpt 3)


irvine2 irvine3 irvine1

Shackle at UC Irvine April 15, 2014 (excerpt 3)




Shackle at CalArts April 14, 2014 (excerpt 1)